1 part of chickpea flour (125 ml)
3 parts of water (375ml)
half teaspoon of salt
some dried powdered rosemary
1 tbsp olive oil + another tiny bit to grease the tin

1. in a bowl mix the chickpea flour and water until you have no lumps. the batter has to be really thin
2. add the salt, rosemary and olive oil
3. cover and leave to rest for about 3/4 hours
4. with a couple of drops of olive oil grease a cake tin (about 28cm)
5. re-mix the batter for the chickpea (that will have settled in the meantime) and pour in the tin.
6. bake at about 200C for about 15/20 minutes
7. leave to cool a bit and eat straight away as it will get a bit dry otherwise (at which stage you could reheat it, but it won’t taste the same)



  1. taystiii

    Hey there!
    May I ask what the creamy stuff I see inbetween the farinata is? It looks soo yummy!
    Thanks for your blog, it is really helpful 🙂

    • aX

      thank you for stopping by and checking it out! what you see is actual farinata, it should’ve baked much longer than it did.. I must’ve been really impatient to eat it that night and took it out of the oven too early 🙂

  2. taystiii

    Aww I saw your reply just now!! Thanks!Btw I thought it was some kind of vegan cheese hehe, had never actually seen farinata with it 😉
    Saluti dalla sardegna 🙂

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