Vegan yoghurt dessert/cake

Dinner at friends’, one of which made sauerkraut lasagne 🙂

200g biscuits (digestives sort)
60 to 100g margarine
300ml soya cream (whipping one)
300ml your favourite soya yoghurt
4 tbsp icing sugar

1. cool the soya cream container and the beaters you will use in the fridge for about as long as you can, though if you’re short of time a half hour should also be okay
2. crush the biscuits in a bowl or a bag, you can also grind them
3. place the margarine in a small saucepan and melt it without boiling it
4. add the marg to the biscuits, mix well and then add the mixture to a cake tin
5. press well with a spoon or even with your hands and place the tin in the fridge
6. in a separate bowl whip the soya cream for a few minutes, then add the soya yoghurt and finally sift in the icing sugar (once you’ve added it help yourself with a spatula to incorporate it otherwise you’ll have sugar flying around when you start beating!)
7. set the cream/yoghurt mix on the base making sure it’s evenly spread and cool in the fridge for as long as possible (minimum 4 to 5 hours)

And this a picture of the yummy sauerkraut lasagne, though I don’t have the recipe!


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