Miso aubergines and rice

Ingredients *serves one*
For the rice:
100g jasmine riso
a stalk of spring onion
a handful of coriander
a pinch of salt

For the aubergines:
1 nice and plump aubergine
1 tbsp white miso (shiro)
a bit of cane sugar
a bit of water
soya sauce
olive oil *optional*
sesame oil
sesame seeds

1. wash the rice in cold water and cook with a pinch of salt
2. in the meantime cut up your aubergine lengthwise and heat up a quite wide frying pan
3. when the pan will be hot enough add the aubergines and add a few sprinkles of olive oil although it’s not necessary
4. once they are nice and grilled melt the tbsp of miso with some water, brush the aubergines with it and place them back in the pan, then add a sprinkle of cane sugar
5. lay them on a plate, sprinkle some soya sauce, sesame oil and add the seeds
6. then serve with rice mixed with the chopped coriander and spring onion


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