Apple And Strawberry Crumble



For the fruit layer:
4 ripe golden delicious apples
1 punnet of strawberries
1 lemon

For the Crumble:
220g plain flour
110g brown sugar
110g vegan margarine

1. fill a large bowl with water
2. cut the lemon in half and juice into the water
3. peel the apples, core them, chop them into small cubes and add to the bowl
4. wash strawberries, remove stalk, chop them and place them into the bowl
5. for the crumble add sugar and margarine to a large bowl, and cream them
6. then add the flour, keep stirring and towards the end when almost everything is well combined, work it with your hands so that you don’t end up with big lumps
7. strain the apples and strawberries with a colander
8. place them in an oven dish and top with the crumble mixture
9. bake for about 40 mins at 200C or until the top is crispy and brown


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