Sunshine Award 2011

Ha! I’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award 2011 by a friend’s blog.

by Nutrimente Veg

In turn I would like to pass this on to another few people:

Vegan à Montréal
Vegan in Suburbia

Thank you!



  1. Christina

    Woohoo!!! Grazie, Alessandro. I am very touched and honoured. Your blog is about sixty times (at least) more awesome than mine, so I really appreciate the mention 🙂 Your post and comment really did light up my day. Thank you for your condolences, also, on the loss of my Bijou. They were very much appreciated. A presto! xo

    • alessio

      Lol.. You are just being too kind Christina! However, I am playing around with mother dough again which is exciting! I know what it’s like when somebody you love goes away, I hope you’ll feel better soon xx

  2. Christina

    Hahaha… I’m a moron. I read your friend’s name Alessandra on top and wrote Alessandro instead of Alessio. My sincere apologies, Alessio!

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