Mother Dough Saga 2.2

About 48 hours later this is what my mother dough looked like when I opened the tub I’d placed it into. I should’ve used a glass jar really (plastic and aluminium are not recommended as they may stop it from growing) which I didn’t have, but managed to get one today so from now on it’ll be sleeping in it.

Then I added:

1 tablespoon of strong white Canadian flour (also known as Manitoba flour) and 1 tablespoon of filtered water..

(This is what you’ll use every time it needs refreshing until it is active.. more on this when I’ve made my first loaf of bread! ha..)

..mixed well and kneaded for about 10 minutes in all possible directions to make sure that it’s well incorporated. Contrary to what happened the first time I tried making this, this time around the mother dough has more body to it and is very elastic.

And finally the detailed view, after kneading it and storing it in the glass jar. You can already see it bubbling away which I imagine is a very good sign! The jar will be covered in tea towels again and placed in the oven away from temperature swings.

The next refresh is due in another 48 hours.. so read me then!



  1. Bibi

    l’ultima pasta madre mi è sopravvissuta per qualche mese, poi l’ho “terminata” nell’impasto di infiniti grissini ^^

    • alessio

      Hihi, speriamo che stavolta mi vada bene. La prima volta che ho provato a farla non ho avuto molto successo 🙂 xx

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