Mother Dough Saga 2.3

Last night I refreshed my dough by adding the usual to it and kneading it for about 10 minutes. It was late at night and I noticed that my dough had got so much more elastic and slimier compared to last time (then it was more liquid.)

This was the second refresh done at an interval of 48 hours and will also be the last one of its kind. The next one will be tonight, 24 hours later.

Just to recap what has been happening so far:

1. Made the starter on Saturday night
2. Refreshed 48 hours later on Monday night
3. And again 48 hours later on Wednesday night
4. Tonight will be refreshed (so after 24 hours from the last of two 48 hour refreshes)

By the end of this week I should be able to complete this process (another two refreshes are due after the one done tonight) so that I can bake some nice bread over the weekend, yay!

Sorry that there aren’t any photos this time.


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