Mother Dough Saga 2.5

After a few days without refreshing my dough (the last time I refreshed it I used a lot more four and water), this time I could really notice a difference in smell.

When I got home from work on Monday I refreshed it again although, as my scale broke, I put in an approximate quantity of water and flour. So I refreshed it again with 5 tbsps of water and flour and let it rest.

Last night (Tuesday) I decided to go for it and see whether it was going to work, I was afraid my bread wouldn’t rise as it was still quite liquid, but.. worked so well!

I borrowed a scale off a friend and used:

200g mother dough
600g strong white canadian flour
250ml water
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of agave syrup
2 tablespoons of olive oil

First I diluted my mother dough with water, then added the oil, agave and salt to it. I put the flour in a large glass bowl and poured the liquids over it and started mixing.
I kneaded for about 15 mins until it was all smooth. Then I let the dough rise for two hours in the oven with the light on and a small steel pan full of hot water.
Once the two hours passed, I took a piece off the dough (roughly 100g) that I am going to store in a glass container and place in the fridge for my next baking adventure.. I kneaded my bread again for about 10 mins, and put it back in the oven to rise. This time it rose for about 5 hours and wow! The bread rose so well! I’ve taken some photos of it, however, I haven’t had the time to upload them yet..
The only thing I found is that inside the bread is still a bit raw, the crust was just about starting to go dark brown so I worried it was going to burn. But apart from that, it smells amazing and I’m quite chuffed I made it!

Any tips about the inside still being slightly raw?



  1. mihl

    How awesome that it worked out! At what temperature did you bake the bread and how long. Maybe the baking temperature at the beginning was too high but the baking time wasn’t long enough.
    Oh and when did you cut the bread? Had it cooled completely? Because if you cut it when it is still warm, it might seem raw on the inside.

    • alessio

      hiya! I had it on at the maximum possible temperature for the first 15 mins (I think it’s about 250 celcius) and then decreased to 200 until the crust was nice and dark.
      but yes, it’s true that i cut the bread almost instantly after taking it out of the oven, I was too curious and wanted to taste it hehe.
      thanks for your comments though, I really appreciated your advices ^_^

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