First ever bread with mother dough

Finally here are some photos of my first creation with mother dough. There is lots of room for improvement, be it because it was the first loaf, but also because I cut it way too soon after taking it out of the oven. I was so impatient to try it..

Other considerations and things I have read over the internet are that I shouldn’t have let it rise without covering it as this will dry the top of the dough and will result in the crust baking sooner than expected. As a result then the inside will still be raw. Also, the other issue I had was that my bread rose both times in the pyrex bowl I kneaded it in and when I needed to take it out of it it was sticking to the sides even though I had oiled it. This caused it to lose lots some of its puffiness and may have made it become more a stodgy type loaf.

Here is a photo of the dough at the end of the second leavening period (this was taken at 5 in the morning btw..) As you can see it rose hugely, this is a 3-litre bowl so you can imagine how big it was.

And this is the final product!

I’ve already refreshed the piece of mother dough I kept in the fridge with 150g flour and 150ml water to prepare and bake another loaf tomorrow or Sunday.



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