Bread experiments with mother dough

Here are some photos of my second loaf of bread with mother dough. This time round I tried making something similar to “Pane di Triora” which is a very popular local bread where I come from. It’s from a little town called Triora, on the mountains facing the Ligurian Sea that was once famous for burning witches..

It should have had a very crunchy crust which it doesn’t, for some reason. However, compared to the first bread I made, the constistency inside has improved majorly, it’s got a few holes which are perfectly normal but none were huge.

This bread is a mixture of white and buckwheat flour, coated with wheatbran.

Here is what I used:

450g strong white flour
150g buckwheat flour
300ml water
150g mother dough (refreshed the day before)
15g soya lechitin
1tbsp agave syrup
10g salt

First I mixed my flours in a large bowl and added salt to them. Then I melted the mother dough in the water to make sure there wouldn’t be any lumps in the dough, added the agave syrup, soya lechitin. Poured the liquid on the flour and kneaded for about 10 mins, placed it in a bowl and covered it with a damp tea towel.
Then it was placed in the oven where it rose for about 12 hours while I was at work.
When I got home I quickly kneaded it again, took a piece off the dough which will be my mother dough for next time and let it rise for another hour.
Before baking it I covered the bottom with wheatbran. Then baked it for about half an hour, first it was on at 250 degrees celcius and then lowered to about 200.
After half an hour, I switched the oven off and turned the bread upside down so that the bottom would also get nice and golden.

Unfortunately this time it didn’t get a very nice crust, it has browned however it is not crusty.. I think it may have to do with the fact that I used the soya lechitin..

The other thing is I found this time the bread tastes a lot more of sourdough which is ok, but I’d rather it was milder in flavour.. Should I be using less mother dough??

I thought for 1kg of flour you should be using 300g.. So if I used 600g flour, 150g of mother dough should be fine. Maybe it should rise less??



  1. gilles gosselin

    the reason why your crust was not very crunchy, it’s because you use wholemeal flour…that crunch just come with white flour…same idea about the rose… try to check for the no-knead bread from Jim Lahey, to get the real italian type of bread…but he doesn,t make it with mother dough, just a tiny bit of yeast…give it a check, I think you would be very interested…

    • alessio

      but I have tried with white flour, I think I just wasn’t too successful with mother dough. I have given a go at the recipe you are talking about and it’s quite good I must say, if I have time I will do some more bread and post it on here xx

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