Cornmeal bread with mother dough

My experiments with bread and mother dough continue, and this is the third of five I am documenting that was successful. The other two which I haven’t blogged about never rose for some reason. I was using wholemeal and rye flour in the other ones but they never seemed to grow, perhaps because my mother dough is still too young or because more wholesome flours need longer leavening.

This time I allowed the bread to rise for less time to try and reduce the acidic after-taste and smell of my final product which I am very happy with. This loaf rose for about 4 hours the first time and 1 and 1/2 hours the second time. The difference is also the fact that I baked it in a cast iron saucepan for most of it and only towards the end I took the lid off it.

The ingredients I used were:

450g strong white Canadian flour
150g fine cornmeal
300ml water
150g mother dough
1 tbsp agave syrup
1 tbsp olive oil
12g salt
more cornmeal to sprinkle on top of my loaf

As you can see its colour is nice and golden due to the cornmeal, and the taste is also different because of this. It had a lovely crust and soft inside, however I find that these breads are always best eaten on the day of baking. Today it is still soft, but the crust isn’t crunchy anymore..



    • alessio

      Ciao carissima, grazie del commento! Sai che mi fa molto piacere soprattutto quando si parla di pane! Hehe xx

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