Fried lotus dumplings in soup and rice

Original recipe >> The Enlightened Kitchen: Fresh Dishes From The Temples of Japan by Mari Fujii.

Simple hearty Japanese meal, I’d never eaten lotus root in my life which made this an even more interesting experience. The dumplings are fried and covered in soup, which I served with plain rice on the side.


For the dumplings:
200g lotus root
1 small carrot
1 small onion
40g flour
40g breadcrumbs
a good pinch of salt
vegetable oil to fry

For the soup:
500ml kombu dashi*
4 tbsp soya sauce
2 tbsp freshly squeezed ginger juice
2 tbsp arrowroot + 4 tbsp water

For the rice:
See Tofu Teriyaki recipe


1. grate the lotus root, carrot and onion in a large bowl
2. squeeze as much water as possible and discard
3. add salt, flour and breadcrumbs and mix well with your hands
4. form small balls that you are going to fry in a frying pan
5. *to make the dashi stock, place one piece of kombu, size 10x10cm, in 500ml of filtered water for an hour or longer (this is obviously best made in advance so the water will soak up more sea flavour)
6. heat up the oil and start frying the dumplings for two minutes on each side which should make them golden brown
7. once done, place on a plate with kitchen towel to drain the excess oil off
8. while they rest on it, make the soup stock by straining the water you’ve been soaking the kombu in with a sieve, add the ginger juice, soya sauce and place on the hob
9. bring to a boil and get the arrowroot ready. mix the 2tbsp of arrowroot with 4 tbsp of water and add to the soup
10. place the dumplings in small bowls and cover with soup
11. serve with rice on the side



  1. Imperatrice

    Oh look so yummy…..
    Your blog is …well, delicious ^-^
    plus, I love lotus root *-*
    ^-^ thank you for your recipe!!!
    I will try* it out for sure!

    • alessio

      I wish it was more easily found, unfortunately they only sell it vacuum packed here, no chance for fresh ones! Let me know if you like the recipe when you try it šŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by, by the way.. ^_^

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