Macrobiotic course – Class 2: ENERGY

Today I attended the second class of my macrobiotic course at Wholefood Harmony which was centred around energy. It was full of flavour and this time around we used more seasoning / oil in the preparation of the dishes which made a real difference as to what I think of macrobiotic food. It doesn’t have to be bland, it just depends on the style of cooking you choose to adopt. Without further-a-do, let me present the things we made today.

Every macrobiotic meal (should?) starts with a soup? This was along the lines of an Eastern European borsht with the addition of some brussel sprouts

I really enjoyed the main course today, from bottom centre clockwise: brown rice with chestnuts, mushrooms stuffed with arame seaweed and leeks, butternut squash baked on a bed of leeks and tahini sauce (this and the mushrooms were my absolute favourites), an apple/sauerkraut and carrot salad and finally a kidney bean stew on blanched greens

For dessert we baked some apples with raspberry

Next week.. Glow!


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