Baking Vegan class at Demuth’s in Bath

Saturday I travelled to Bath to attend a vegan baking class at Demuth’s, a very famous vegetarian restaurant in the West Country that has been open for over 24 years making it probably one of the oldest veggie restaurant in the UK. The class were held in a gorgeous Georgian building in the centre of town with nice views over the hills of Bath. The kitchen space was extremely well equipped and the class ran at a very civilised pace with tea breaks and also lunch that lovely Rachel prepared for us.

Let me present to you the things we made yesterday. To start with we had some Canadian pancakes with plenty of fresh fruit and maple syrup

Followed by a chocolate sponge with a coconut cream and chocolate mousse (I am sorry I did not take any other photos of this, but I can tell you it was amazing.. we were also given some to take home with us)

Then moved on to sweet and savoury pastry. The one below is the sweet

That we then filled with a cashew and vanilla cream and topped up with strawberries, raspberries and an apricot glaze

This is the savoury tart we made. We spread a layer of tapenade on the pastry case and then filled with sautéed leeks, oyster and shiitake mushrooms (this was really divine)

And then served it with a nice fresh salad dressed with a mustard and balsamic vinaigrette

Then prepared the fruit to garnish the seriously best rice pudding in the world. We baked rhubarb, crystallised ginger and blood orange segments with cinnamon

And served it with rice pudding made with risotto rice, coconut milk, saffron, rose water, vanilla and garnished with pistachio nuts + the baked fruits

Last but not least a spiced sponge cake with apple rings on it



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