Macrobiotic course – Class 5: Digestion

After the half term break we returned for more macrobiotic classes and this one was centred around digestion. We started out by watching a video as an introduction to the lesson to stress on the importance of chewing and not swallowing whole food. This ensures the food gets to our stomach in an almost liquid form so that it can be digested more easily and quickly. We also discussed eating habits, how important it is to sit down at meals and that we should allow a good hour and a half before any exercise after a meal to ensure that the digestion process is completed.

The dishes we prepared were the following:

A very hearty minestrone soup with brown rice miso

From bottom centre clockwise: glazed baked tempeh, raw coleslaw with vegan mayo, sauerkraut and radish sald, grain medley (black rice, amaranth and brown rice), nishime vegetables and blanched broccoli with a tahini sauce

Baked apples stuffed with peanut butter and raisins


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