Vegan workshop at Cordon Vert

This weekend I travelled to Manchester to attend a class at the Cordon Vert school, part of the Vegetarian Society in Altrincham, on the outskirts of Manchester. The class was small which meant we got more attention from our lovely teacher Jane, and although the class was maybe too basic for me it was still good place to do some networking with like-minded people.

We prepared a buffet-style lunch and baked lots of cakes which you will see below. This is the lovely room in which we ate with most dishes laid out on the table (some where stil in the oven and didn’t make it on my plate before I took the photos, so you’ll be missing out on some cannelloni with a cashew and tofu ricotta filling)

From bottom centre clockwise: paella, spinach with hollandaise sauce, potatoes with soya mayo, tofu balls, sweet and sour tofu, tagliatelle with parsley and basil pesto and an onion and cashew quiche

From bottom centre clockwise: orange and cranberry muffins, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate and orange cake, brownie cake and tofu cheesecake



  1. Sher Newsham

    Hey Alessio! Great to meet you at the workshop day and I hope you enjoyed your time in Manchester.

    When you made the cupcakes did you change the quantities at all? I’ve made them 3 times now and end up stodgy 😦 Please help!


  2. alessio

    Hey Sher! It was good to meet you at the workship, thank you again for the lift into Manchester! Have you tried making any of the other recipes? If so did they turn out ok? I only slightly changed the baking powder from 3/4 tsp to 1 tsp as I though 3/4 was a silly measure. That’s the only thing I changed to be honest, might it be your oven? Or do you open the oven door half way through the baking? I have a very bad gas oven in London that never bakes anything properly. Do you normally experience any issues with it or does it bake things normally? Let me know if any of this makes sense and if not I’ll try and help you more 🙂

  3. Auth

    Wow! This looks delicious. I haven’t seen ahtinyng like this. I like how this recipe, just like most of your other ones, doesn’t require exotic ingredients and thus is very accessible. I am definitely going to check your blog more often; I saw your posts at Bravo! Buon lavoro

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