Cooking with mum PT. 1: artichoke and courgette pie

A few days ago I travelled down to Italy to relax in between one macrobiotic course and the next, and have been trying and documenting things that my mum prepares or that I make with her. This lovely pie with just artichokes, courgettes and shallots is full of flavour and even though it is very simple, it was a very pleasing and clean flavoured dish. We started fussing about as in what to put in to try and hold the ingredients together (it would normally have eggs) but nothing was needed other than the vegetables themselves. One tip I can give is actually NOT to add any salt to the vegetables until you are ready to transfer them into the pie shell. This stops them from shedding any extra moisture making the pastry too wet.

I apologise about the photo not being the best but it did go really fast and I only had a chance to take one when my mouth wasn’t full of pie.. ^_^


The vegetables:
4 artichokes
5 courgettes
1 lemon
1 shallot
1 tbsp olive oil
pinch of salt

For the pie shell:
240g flour
120ml water
60ml olive oil
pinch of salt


1. fill a large bowl with water and squeeze the juice of your lemon, which will stop them from going black
2. put on a pair of kitchen gloves and start removing the outer leaves off the artichokes which are too hard to be cooked
3. once you are left with the core, cut them in half and remove the hairy core from their inside ensuring you remove all small prickly parts
4. then place them in the water while you work on the other ones
5. slice the courgettes thinly and do so with the shallot as well
6. place them in a bowl, then remove the artichokes from the water and lemon juice, pat them dry and add them to the mixture of vegetables
7. meanwhile make your pastry shell by combining the flour, water and salt in a bowl
8. work this with your hand until all ingredients are combined\
9. on a floured surface cut the dough in just about half (one should be slightly bigger than the other)
10. roll out the first disk which you will then place on the inside of your pie dish. ensure to allow the pastry to lean out of the tin so that you can then fold this to seal the pie
11. then add salt and the 1 tbsp of oil to the vegetables, give them a toss and transfer them into the case
12. roll out the remainder of pastry and cover the pie
13. then fold the outer leaning part of pastry in to seal the pie
14. brush it with a little oil and prick with the tip of a fork
15. bake for about 1 hour at 180 degrees and enjoy it either hot or cold


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