Vegan nut roast in puff pastry

Summer in England? Oh you are wrong. There are no proper seasons in this country, if you’re lucky we have winter and July. This year we had a glorious April like in the last couple of years and a week of real warmth in May. That was it.. It’s been raining all the time in between those spells of sun. So even though I’ve been craving sunshine and fresh fruit, I have had to resort to comfort food in the middle of June.

This is a lovely nut roast I have encased in puff pastry to give it more of an interesting texture and flavour. I must say it’s my first nut roast and got the approval of my colleagues at work, vegans with refined taste 🙂


1 x vegan puff pastry sheet

100g/3.5oz hazelnuts
100g/3.5oz walnuts
100g/3.5oz almonds
2 tbsp golden linseeds liquidised into 8 tbsp water
1 onion
2 carrots
400g/14oz white cabbage
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp soya sauce
1 tsp miso shiro
white pepper

Above is a photo of the nuts I ground and of the actual mix.


1. wash and chop your carrots, cabbage and onion to start with
2. sauté them in the oil and when they look like they could do with some moisture add the soya sauce
3. in the meantime grind the nuts in a food processor until they resemble coarse sand (you might like them processed down completely so that you don’t get any bits of nuts in your finished product, however I think this adds to the texture of the roast as it’s rather moist and soft)
4. place them into a large bowl and proceed grinding your flaxseeds with water until you have a goopy batter (this is what will hold our roast together and makes it even healthier)
5. once the vegetables are cooked through, they will need to be soft enough to process them, blend them into a smooth paste
6. add this to your nut mix and incorporate the two together
7. add your herbs, pepper and miso
8. roll out the puff pastry sheet and place the mix on it as shown below

9. then fold the edges over the nut mix to seal it and place on a piece of tin foil
10. bake in a casserole dish or simply on the oven shelf for about 1 hour turning it half way through so that you don’t end up with raw pastry at the bottom
11. serve with lots of greens, in my case broccoli and kale, and slather with gravy



  1. mihl

    I hear you! We have already had a lot of sunshine but also rain, rain, rain. I wasn’t able to put away my coat yet. A nutroast sounds fantastic!

  2. jonathanochart

    Whoa, I definitely need to try this! A much fresher (and healthier) take on meat loafs. Nicely written!

    • alessio

      Thank you Jonathan, if you give it a try it’d be good to get some feedback from you as well 🙂

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