Brioche bread

Soft and fluffy sweet bread that is perfect for the morning or even as a sandwich base if you like sweet and savoury at the same time. It is ever slightly on the dense side at the seams, so next time I think I will give it a different shape. Elsewhere, it is very soft.


600g white bread flour
350ml soya milk
100g sugar
100g vegan margarine
20g fresh yeast
1 tsp salt


1. melt the vegan margarine and sugar in the soya milk over a very low flame
2. allow to cool down before adding the yeast not to kill it
3. melt the yeast in the milk mix
4. measure out the flour in a large bowl and add salt to it
5. pour the milk mix and combine with a spoon
6. then transfer onto a floured surface and knead until a nice dough has formed
7. allow to rest covered with a damp towel for 90 minutes
8. divide in three pieces and roll them out by hand
9. plait the three into one plait and allow to rise covered for an extra 30 mins
10. place into a baking pan or on a baking tray and pour some soya milk on top of your bread
11. bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 25 minutes
12. turn upside down and allow to bake for a further 20/25 minutes until both sides sound hollow when hollow



  1. Barbara

    in effetti ha proprio l’aspetto morbido morbido…..pensi che con l’olio di semi di mais venga così soffice ugualmente? (lo so che la margarina per una volta non fa male, ma preferisco non andarla a comprare apposta) .

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