Ravioli with cashew and tofu filling

I’d been meaning to make these for a long time and finally convinced my mum to get her pasta machine out of the cupboard. This morning when I got up she had everything ready for us to prepare the ravioli. I didn’t write down the exact quantities and apologise about not having them, but you should be able to put them together without too much guessing as they are quite straight forward.


For the pasta:
250g/8.8oz plain flour
125ml/4.4oz water

For the filling:
200g/7oz cashew nuts
200g/7oz tofu
2 tbsp olive oil
soya milk

1. soak the nuts for a few hours in warm water
2. then drain and blend them with the tofu
3. add the oil, parsley, salt to taste and enough soya milk to ensure you have a quite wet cream (this shouldn’t have to be liquid nor too thick, but soft enough to be wet)
4. for the pasta sheets mix flour and water into a bowl
5. transfer onto a floured surface and knead until you have a soft pliable dough
6. stretch using a pasta maker into a long strip of pasta
7. place dollops of filling (about 1 teaspoon for each raviolo) along one of the long sides of the sheet, about 2 to 3 centimetres apart from each other
8. fold the sheet to cover the filling and with a ravioli or cookie cutter press down on the sheet to release your ravioli
9. place them on a floured tray to ensure that they don’t stick to it
10. once you’ve cut them all out (you will have trimmings of dough left, you can turn this into additional ravioli if you have filling left, however the dough will be slightly harder than the previously stretched so I would suggest making another kind of pasta with this like ‘maltagliati”, which means roughly cut, so you don’t notice a difference in texture between one dumpling and the other)
11. boil for about 5 minutes in salted water and serve with a sauce of your choice. we had them with “butter” and sage, however a plain tomato sauce would be perfect as well



  1. Matt (Berlin)

    That looks and sounds beautiful and I’m going to be making it soon!
    Also well done on the site’s redesign. Much more friendly on the eye, more serious, and it put the content first, which is the main thing. Well done.

    • alessio

      Thank you! I thought a fresh look was much needed and I felt like I wanted to concentrate more on the images and less on the design of the blog. Hope life is good in Berlin? xx

      • matt

        That is what good design is, I think – something you shouldn’t notice. It’s good.
        Berlin’s ok. You should reply to your (my) emails 🙂

      • alessio

        I haven’t had any emails from you? Unless I’ve forgotten to reply to a very old one.. in which case please forgive me x

    • alessio

      Mine is also always the same, I’ll go look for unreplied emails once I’m back on my laptop next week 🙂

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