I was born in 1983 in Italy and have travelled around a fair bit. I moved to the UK when I was 18 and lived there on and off 8 years with a break of over 2 years in Germany.

This a small space where I post my recipes which are all made using natural ingredients. None of them contain animal products, therefore they are suitable for people on a vegan diet, those who suffer allergies or intolerances or just trying to eat more consciously.

My food is heavily influenced by my Italian upbringing and life in the UK, so you will see lots of British Bake Off-like desserts and Italian breads and mains. I am also a big fan of Japanese cuisine and Shojin Ryori in particular, the vegan cuisine of Zen Buddhist monks of Japan.

This is a journey I started a few years back, so a lot of recipes you’ll see will have no pictures in an attempt for the most recent ones to make the blog look homogenous and tidy.

On a different note, I like symmetry and lines.
Welcome to my world.

Alessio xx


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